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After a very long time creating and maufacturing award winning board games, we have decided to hang up our saws and drills. It was a difficult decision to say the least. Creating over 2,000 Googolplex Games, 1,000 Googolplex Junior's and 5,000 Last Man Standing Games (Plus the Googoler!) it's been a joy.

With that, if you felt ambitious and wanted to continue that journey, we even have games not released, just waiting to developed.

The web site and all "Goodwill" of the company is for sale. Please feel free to email to find out more information.

Googolplex Games (Award winning)

Googolplex II

Googolplex Junior (Award Winning)

Last Man Standing

Googolplex Solitaire (Award Winning)

Googolominoes (never released)

Googolexicon (never released)

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